Welcome to Cloud Native Foundations Workshop!

Cloud Native Foundations Workshop is an educational guide for students learning cloud-native application development.

This learning guide relates to SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarship Program from Udacity and covers all hands-on exercises in the Cloud Native Foundations Course.


The main goal of this project is to build a knowledge base and help solve technical issues outside the scope of the Cloud Native Foundation Course.


The workshop contains exercises and solutions on selected topics that will help you understand the basics of building, deploying, and maintaining cloud-native applications. This is NOT a comprehensive guide, but rather a focused look at a few key topics:

  • Flask web development best practices.

  • App containerization with Docker.

  • Releasing applications to a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Automation software development workflows with GitHub Actions.

  • Using ArgoCD to build reliable CI/CD pipelines.

All the supporting code is in the GitHub repository.

Check out the Quick Start section for further information, including how to set up your workshop environment.

Required Knowledge

  • Python 3.

  • Flask web development (introductory level).

  • Networking (REST, protocols, HTTP methods).

  • Git (basic commands, working with remote repositories).

  • Linux shell commands.